Bearradh means shaving in Gaeilge. Hopefully!

Did you know women were shaving with safety razors in the 1950s? That is, until manufacturers learned they could make almost any product quicker and cheaper with plastic. These were way more lucrative for manufacturers since they had to be replaced far more often. Shorter product lifespan = more purchases = more profit. Nevermind the havoc they were reaping on the earth by sitting in landfills. With access to cheaper materials, brands and advertisers began convincing women the more blades, the better.

We get the logic — more blades = better shave, but it’s simply not true. More blades leads to irritation, specifically razor burn and ingrown hairs. Dermatologists dig into the details in this New York Times article too. TL;DR: Multi-blade razors often cut through too many layers of the skin causing razor burn. Or they cut the tip of the hair too sharply, causing it to curl back and grow inwards creating ingrown hairs, aka razor bumps.


A Bearradh, we believe shaving shouldn’t be a chore. And we believe Women shouldn’t have to use clunky, ugly Men’s Safety Razors for their delicate parts. That’s why we created the stunning Bearradh Rose Gold Safety Razor. Each Razor is made from Stainless Steel PVD Coated Metal Safety Razors that are machined to be perfectly aligned for shaving those delicate areas. Each Safety Razor comes with 5 free blades that are recyclable and in recycled packaging.

We hope you love shaving with your new Safety Razor as we believe it’s one of the best out there for us girls!


We love seeing more and more women ditch the pink plastic for stainless steel safety razors. It’s estimated that TWO BILLION razors end up in landfills every year. Yikes. While we’re big on the bonus of irritation-free legs, safety razors are also made to last. So, less consumption andsmoother skin? Yes to that!

If you haven’t made the switch yet, We get it – safety razors are intimidating! What if you cut or nic yourself? It can happen, sure, but with a well designed and engineered razor and proper technique (explained in our blog), shaving with a safety razor can be a relaxing and luxurious experience.

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