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The Best Safety Razor for Women – Ireland

Our Safety Razor for women is design for our more sensitive areas. Great for legs, underarms and down below!

One blade. One Razor, No Plastic.

Countless reasons you’ll get a better shave, but let’s start with number one. Our single double edge blade is designed to glide gently over your skin for a close, smooth shave. Weighted and balanced to provide just the right amount of pressure, it removes hair from the surface of the skin rather than tugging and pulling as you shave. It’ll leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh.

With less chance of hair getting trapped under the skin, you get a smooth shave and fewer ingrown hairs.

We made this for sensitive skin. For curly girls. For women who need a better alternative to irritated legs and bikini lines.

Skin type: Normal to sensitive

Hair type: Thick, coarse, curly

Concerns: Ingrown hairs, folliculitis, keratosis pilaris, bikini areas

Product Features:

  • Made from Copper
  • Gold PVD Coated
  • 10.7cm total in length
  • 92 Grams


  • 1 Bearradh Safety Razor
  • 5 Blades

Out of stock


Womens Safety Razors Ireland

How do I shave with it?

Womens Safety Razors Ireland – Our collection of Womens Safety Razors are designed for women’s most sensitive areas. A zero waste razor for the modern woman.

Shave at the end of a warm shower, when skin and hair are soft. Apply 4-6 pumps of shave oil, or cream, and spread over the area to be shaved. With the razor angled to about 30 degrees, begin to shave, making sure to apply NO extra pressure. For best results, start with light, short strokes and glide gently over skin.

When do I change the blade?

When you change your blade depends on how often you shave, but a simple guideline is to change your blade after 6 uses. If you notice any dragging, dullness or nicking, it’s time for a change, swap out for a fresh blade! Each refill pack contains 5 blades. Wipe or shake your razor of any remaining oil or water, and store in a dry location.
We started Bearradh to provide an alternative to Men’s Safety Razors, sure they do the job but they’re not designed for the female form. Our Safety Razors are made of Brass & A Copper-Aluminium alloy for the head. It means we can precision engineer the razor for the perfect shaving experience, the head is designed to be extra sensitive but it’s still possible to get nicks so take your time!

8 reviews for Gold Single-Blade Razor

  1. Rosey

    Absolutely beautiful razor, very easy to get used to and beautiful design. All paper packaging too for the win!

  2. Mary

    Quick delivery, beautiful razor. I’ve used men’s safety razors before and this is way better!

  3. Ann Marie

    Super quick delivery, no plastic packaging, smooth legs, limited blood loss 🙂

  4. Mary

    Beautiful razor! Love it – super shave, so easy to use and no plastic is always a win!

  5. Anastasia

    Love it! Super quick delivery, no more plastic and the razor is absolutely stunning, a bit more pink gold than in the picture but it’s beautiful.

  6. Liz

    I thought it would be hard to use but it’s really not! Smooth legs and pits and bits 😉

  7. Anne via Instagram

    Was very nervous using it first but all went smoothly

  8. Jasmine Connolly

    Beautiful shave, beautiful design. Delighted there was no plastic!

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